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Arthur Silva

Who am I?

Hello my name is Arthur I am a black belt and coach at checkmate Qatar .
I'm Brazilian born in natal.
traine jiu-jitsu since 2014 and black belt since 2020.
I traine muay thay since 2016.

My Mission

My mission is to help people's improve in they're life style.
Using the martial arts to guide them to strive to reach their goals and develope

their physique and mindset helping you to gain balance , flexibility, strength, discipline

and techniques within the martial arts.

Professional experience?

Experienced jiu-jitsu and No Gi Coach 
Experienced Muay Thai and MMA coach on the market for 5 year 
Experienced as a professional athlete for 8 years 
Experience with coaching single athletes and competition team 
Group class private classes semi-private class for adults and kids 

Professional Qualifications 

2x Gi World champion 
1x No-Gi World Championship
6x State champion of Paraíba
3 X Open northeast champion
3rd Place in AJP Doha Gi
3rd  Place Ajp Doha No-Gi
3 x State champion
1 X Absolute state champion
1x Grand slam champion
1x Potiguar Open MMA Champion

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