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Jaber Huavas

Who am I?

I’m Coach Jaber, and my strength is that I have a passion for the discipline of the Art of 8 Limbs, Muay Thai

My Mission

My mission is to succor each individual to unleash their unique skills through the discipline

of martial arts. I do believe each individual has their unique abilities to achieve their goals. 

Professional experience?

8+ Muay Thai | Kickboxing Trainer 
Muay Thai Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand 
EvolveMindBodySoul Qatar 
9roundQatar 30mins. Kickboxing Fitness

Professional Qualifications 

14 Amateur Fights, 6W-8L 
Fight Judge at QatarMMA Beatdown 6 
IFA Qatar, Certified Fitness Instructor
PADI Rescue Diver

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