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Lorran Phellipe

My name is Lorran Phellipe, I'm from Natal/RN in Brazil. I started jiu-jitsu when I was 16 years old, influenced by my father, who was a judo athlete and a great inspiration for me. During this time I participated in championships where I was able to accumulate titles in my city, today at 22 I am a purple belt and part of Matheus' team “Tá danado”.

My Mission

Changing lifestyles through the physical and mental improvement that jiu-jitsu provides,

so that through techniques and training, students can develop discipline, self-confidence

and self-control on and off the mats.

Professional experience?

Kids Jiu-jitsu classes 
Adults Jiu-jitsu classes 

No-Gi classes 

Professional Qualifications 

4x 1st Grandslam North-East

1st North-East Open

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