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Ilija Aritonovic

Who am I?

My name is Ilija and I’m the Head Coach for Checkmat Strike Team. I’m looking forward to sharing with you my expertise that comes with more than 15 years of practicing martial arts, with a specialization on striking disciplines.

My Mission

Martial arts, being my passion, allowed me to find a platform through which we can

connect and constantly learn from each other and our surroundings. My mission is to

provide guidance and support you on your exploration of martial arts, regardless if you are

a hobbyist, aspiring fighter or a professional. The practice of martial arts has allowed me to

change my life and the lives around me — and I’m looking forward to continuing to assist

others in their discovery through this platform and team building. 

Professional experience?

10+ years as certified personal trainer and nutritionist 

Muay Thai/MMA coach - from beginner to professional 

Coached professional athletes and prepared amateur fighters.

Competed in MMA/ Sub-grappling / BJJ / Men’s Physique  

Sport specific training / Strength and conditioning/ Hypertrophy / Fat loss / Rehab

Developed and runs youth-led sports workshops and programmes

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